Boise City Council Approves 840-acre Foothills Purchase Near Stack Rock 

click to enlarge - An area adjacent to Stack Rock has been purchased by the City of Boise. -  - BOISE CITY
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  • An area adjacent to Stack Rock has been purchased by the City of Boise.
The Boise City Council has agreed to buy 840 acres near Stack Rock using some of the last remaining funds from the 2001 Foothills Levy.

At its regularly scheduled meeting Tuesday, council members Maryanne Jordan, Lauren McLean, Ben Quintana and TJ Thomson voted unanimously to approve the purchase of the parcel from Texas-based AR Boise for $420,000 at $500 per acre. The land, located 9 miles from the city, is the headwaters of Boise River tributary Spring Valley Creek, and is a popular recreation destination.

Members of the Boise City Council praised the purchase as a capstone to 16 years in city investment in open spaces.

"It's unbelievable how far the funds have been stretched," said Council Member TJ Thomson. "Now, we start on the next [round of levy funds]."

The purchase is likely one of the last from initial Foothills Levy funds—just $118,000 remain from the first wave of cash taxpayers ponied up to protect open spaces—but the first since the November election in which Boise voters overwhelmingly approved a new timeline for funding a second levy originally passed in 2015.

Boise City Council President Pro Tem Lauren McLean offered a "special thanks to the voters who came through loud and clear" by approving the levies. For Council Member Craig Quintana, using taxpayer funds to protect open spaces has gone from a novel way of conducting public business to a routine.

"Something like this just becomes how we do things," he said. "I like how this doesn't feel like a big deal even though it's a big deal."
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