Boise City Council Says No Thanks to Third/Bannock Roundabout (For Now) 

"If we do a pilot, it will have to be at a different location."

Boise City Council and the Ada County Highway District continue to struggle in seeing eye-to-eye on Boise's transportation infrastructure lately.

At an afternoon work session June 17, the council members were briefed by city of Boise employee Daren Fluke of planning and development services, about a new roundabout project for Bannock and Third streets. ACHD has proposed several roundabouts in the downtown core, and picked Bannock and Third for its first downtown foray.

While the action requested of the roundabout was approval, City Council members said no thanks. They said not there, and not now.

"We're not going to do it at this time," Fluke told BW. "If we do a pilot, it will have to be at a different location."

In a letter from the mayor's office to John Franden, president of the ACHD board of commissioners, the council wrote it supports roundabouts as a traffic control measure, but worries about the timing and design of this particular project.

"Specifically, we are very considered with the loss of approximately nine on-street parking spaces and six matures trees in addition to the unanticipated timing conflict with the St. Luke's and Fort Boise master planning efforts now underway," the letter read. "This neighborhood has the potential for change based on the outcomes of the current planning efforts and we believe that making a significant investment in this intersection prior to the resolution of those efforts is premature."

The council asked ACHD to consider a new location on Grove Street for the time being.

All this comes after ACHD scrubbed away any evidence that buffered bike lanes had recently been offered to cyclists on Capitol Boulevard, Main and Idaho streets. On the failed bike lane pilot, Bieter recently told the Weekly, "We had a pretty good idea of where ACHD was likely to go on this. It's almost sad."

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