Boise Contemporary Theater Presents Tigers Be Still 

Opens Wednesday, Oct. 17

For anyone older than 20, there's nothing more cringe-worthy than the thought of moving back in with your parents. Sure, there would be a few perks such as free food and cable TV for weekend marathons, but that's nothing compared to the lack of freedom and late-night texts from Mom and Dad wondering when you're coming home.

But as the saying goes, misery loves company, so if you're looking for some friends who share your same fears, head to Boise Contemporary Theater Wednesday, Oct. 17, for its season-opening performance of Tigers Be Still. The production consists of an all-local cast and is directed by Matthew Cameron Clark. It will run through Saturday, Nov. 10.

The play centers on 25-year-old Sherry, who recently graduated with her master's degree in art therapy. Rather than continuing on to her dream profession, she moves back in with her mother. Among the other things going wrong in her life, Sherry's sister is drinking and crying herself into a coma, her boss keeps bringing a rifle to work, and there's an escaped tiger on the loose.

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