Boise Fry Co. Gets a Bar, Leadbetter Changes its Name 

Fans of Boise Fry Company who want a shot of bourbon with their bison burger or a rum cocktail with their russet curly fries are in luck. BFC is opening a full bar in the Adelmann Building, adjacent to its new downtown digs on Capitol Boulevard and Idaho Street.

"It'll be a different brand so it will be a different name, a different concept," said BFC co-owner Blake Lingle. "We're going to allow customers to order Boise Fry Company food from the bar, most likely."

Lingle said the two spaces will be connected by a hallway and, though BFC has made some improvements to the space (which formerly housed the Sapphire Bar and Grill in 2011) he said most of the bar's character will stay intact.

"We loved the look of it so we tried not to touch it; we tried to salvage everything we could," said Lingle.

The bar's cocktail program will feature five different cocktails that rotate seasonally.

"Each cocktail can be served with what we call a Basin, Foothill and Mountain liquor—Basin being the lower-end liquor, Foothill being the middle and Mountain being the more higher-end," said Lingle. "Every single cocktail will be tailored towards those five liquors we're serving at the time. So we'll have a whiskey cocktail, we'll have a tequila cocktail, a gin cocktail and so on, and then we'll also have champagne and beer cocktails, as well."

One of the bar's beer cocktails, South of the North Fork, will feature Payette Brewing Co.'s North Fork lager with mescal, garnished with fresh sage. Lingle said the bar will likely be open from 3 p.m. to 1 a.m. weekdays, 9 a.m. to 2 a.m. Saturdays and will close a little early on Sundays. They're tentatively planning to open the first week of June, he added.

In name change news, Leadbetter Cider Co. has officially changed its name to Meriwether Cider Company. In an email blast, the company explained the switch: "We have changed our name! Not because we wanted to, but in our haste and ignorance of trademark law, we unknowingly named ourselves the same name as another business, and they understandably wanted us to change it."

Meriwether Cider Company plans to open this year at 5272 E. Chinden Blvd. in Garden City.

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