Boise is Cool, Seriously 

Turns out Boise is way cooler than you probably thought.

According to the Creativity Index designed by Boise State researchers, Boise ranks a respectable 6.7 on a scale of 1 to 10 when it comes to how the city fosters creativity. The more creative a city, the more economically successful it is—at least that's what the university's Centre for Creativity and Innovation says.

The ranking system measures numerous factors that are thought to lead to a strong city.

The study is the first official project to come out of the Centre for Creativity, whose overriding mission is to promote the idea that by fostering creativity, communities of all sizes can improve their economic health. The study lasted 18 months and took the work of 14 students.

According to the study, when it comes to creativity, Boise is running neck and neck with both Portland (6.9) and Seattle (6.8).

The City of Trees also ranks at or above both Portland and Seattle when it comes to per capita income, crime rate, air quality, labor, living, commute time and recreation sales.

Boise lost points in the category of commute type for its lack of alternative transportation, as well as natural amenities, recreation, educational attainment, educational opportunities and green infrastructure.

The most surprising results for the researchers were the facts that Boise ranked high in air quality and low in recreational opportunities, leaving the public to wonder just who answered these questions.

According to the center, the index will continue to be tailored.

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