Boise Little Theater Presents The Pink Panther Strikes Again 

Thursday, May 24-Sunday, May 27

The Pink Panther will be on the prowl at Boise Little Theater.

Boise Little Theater

The Pink Panther will be on the prowl at Boise Little Theater.

The troupe at Boise Little Theater brings to the stage the tale of famed French investigator Jacques Clouseau in a battle against the world's best assassins as he tries to stop a maniacal villain. The company's presentation of The Pink Panther Strikes Again is led by Brad Ooley in his directorial debut.

"I've got a cast of 20 playing 50 different parts," said Ooley. "It's a lot of costume changes, a lot of weird, bad facial hair, wigs and costume changes. We have different panthers that run around the theater throughout. Anybody who's a fan of the movies is going to love this."

After the bumbling French detective made his appearance in the earliest of the Pink Panther series, actor Peter Sellers developed the character and his battles of wits with crooks while investigating capers worldwide. Dedicated fans have followed the series through all 11 films created since 1963, though many discount the 2006 Steve Martin reboot.

The 1976 sequel The Pink Panther Strikes Again pits the hapless Clouseau against former boss and Chief Inspector Paul Dreyfus, who has gone mad. Writer William Gleason adapted the scenes and dialogue into the script BLT will stage.

"It's Clouseau against Dreyfus, who has spent the last three years in an asylum," said Ooley. "He has stolen Dr. Fassbender's doomsday machine, makes the United Nations building disappear and extorts the world into trying to kill Clouseau. The entire world sends their best assassins to try to kill him and hilarity ensues."

The Pink Panther Strikes Again opened May 18 and continues its run through Saturday, June 2.

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