Boise Man Commits Capitalized Crime 

A Boise man who threatened to kill President George W. Bush in an America Online chat room has pled guilty to breaking federal law. Vaughan Alan Clark, 50, entered his plea in U. S. District court on January 6, and could face a maximum penalty of five years in federal prison at his March 21 sentencing.

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, the menace was uncovered when Clark, discreetly masked by his screen name "Vclark360," entered the AOL "Iraq War" chat room on April 8, 2003. Clark typed the phrase, "I AM GOING TO KILL PRESIDENT BUSH TOMORROW"--although the exact conversational context of the utterance is not known. Maybe due to the excessive amount of capitalization, or to the part about killing the president, a West Virginian woman in the room began to worry that President Bush--who was at a peace summit in Northern Ireland at the time--was in mortal danger. She reported the threat to America Online, who notified the Secret Service, who quickly traced Clark to Boise. Through such quick action, potential megalomaniacide was averted.

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