Updated: Boise Phil Administration and Board Meet With Musicians for First Time Since Union Vote 

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Updated Post: April 1, 4:14 p.m.:
In a phone call, Kate Jarvis, a representative of the musicians of the Boise Philharmonic, said she and the other musicians received an "enthusiastic response" from the audience of the March 30 Hollywood Hits performance, at which they announced from the stage that they had voted to join the American Federation of Musicians.

"I did [personally] hear a couple that was excited for us and thought this was a great step for the orchestra," she said.

Jarvis was mum, however, on what transpired in the meeting that occurred earlier Monday between representatives of those same musicians, and the administration and board of directors of the Boise Phil—their first since the performers voted last week to join AFM. The next meeting, which will take place later this week, she said would be "a continuation of the conversation we started this morning."

"At this point, we're still talking amongst ourselves. I think we'd like to respect what was said in the room and keep that to ourselves at this point," she said.

As for an end goal: "We'd like to start negotiations for a new contract as soon as possible," she said.

Original Post: April 1, 2:14 p.m.:
During their March 30 Hollywood Hits performance at the Morrison Center, musicians from the Boise Philharmonic wore last week's vote to join a union, the American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada, literally on their lapels, as they performed with "Hear Us" buttons and met with some of the concert's attendees in the lobby, to discuss their decision.

On Monday, musician representatives and members of the Boise Phil board of directors and administration met for the first time since the vote.

"It was an amicable meeting, for sure," Boise Phil Executive Director Hollis Welsh told Boise Weekly. "It was just a few key members of the board and the orchestra committee. ... The next step is each side doing a little homework; and we'll meet again later this week."

Welsh didn't say what items might be on that meeting's agenda or exactly when it would take place, but a key point of negotiation remains: when, or even if, the administration will accept the vote, announced March 28, that 96 percent of voting Boise Phil musicians had elected to join the AFM.

"The spirit in the room is: let's hear the concerns," Welsh said of Monday's meeting. "The process still feels pretty new. I think this happened pretty quickly, not for the musicians, but for the administrative side and the board side. It's about getting up to speed as quickly as possible."

In its own press release, Boise Phil Orchestra Principal Clarinet Carmen Izzo wrote that "We hope our management accepts the results of our election, and works with us to move the orchestra forward."


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