Boise Poetry Night Highlights Local Wordsmiths 

Thursday, Feb. 28

Roses are red, violets are blue. If you think all poems start like this, you might give poetry another chance. The dog-eared textbooks your high school teachers used to teach those dismal, nap-inducing poetry units barely illustrated why anyone would want to read—let alone write in—verse.

But people are still writing poetry, which should be your first clue that there's more to the art form than counting syllables and forcing words into rhyme. In fact, Boise's poetry community is thriving because there are still plenty of people interested in hearing ideas spoken aloud with precision and creativity.

Join some of those people on Thursday, Feb. 28, at 8 p.m. for Boise Poetry Night at The Crux. It's a small showcase of local wordsmiths, including Boise Poet Laureate Diane Raptosh, Boise State University Professor Janet Holmes, writing teachers Adrian Kien and Danny Stewart, and Megan Williams, curator of Ghosts and Projectors.

The event is part of the Read Me Treasure Valley series of literary events. Prior events have included book discussions of Dana Hand's historical novel Deep Creek and Chris Crutcher's memoir King of the Mild Frontier, a screening of Jeremiah Johnson (based on Vardis Fisher's Mountain Man and starring Robert Redford) and other Idaho-themed literary events.

Now it's poetry's turn in the spotlight. Expect personal, historical and distinctly Idaho themes delivered with humor and sensitivity. You won't be hearing Milton droning on about fallen angels or Shakespeare tapping out rhymes in a language that barely resembles English--you'll be hearing live people rapping about things with some significance and immediacy.

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