Boise Record Show and Swap 

Saturday, May 20 at El Korah Shrine

For the record(s).

Rene VanDenBerg

For the record(s).

There's a long-standing cultural dispute over the term "vinyl"—specifically, whether it is acceptable to pluralize the word "vinyls," as (apparently) newbie aficionados have been known to do. As the purists say, "vinyl is the plural of vinyl," though no less than The Washington Post threw up its collective hands in 2014, writing "Okay, fine. Call them 'vinyls.'"

There will be much vinyl and many vinyls at the Vinyl Preservation Society of Idaho Record Show and Swap, set for Saturday, May 20 at the El Korah Shrine in Boise. Dealers and indie record stores from three states will have rarities, discounts and thousands of albums covering a range of genres. Pie Hole will be slinging slices in the parking lot, and 21-and-older vinyl(s) buffs can pair it with something from the Shrine bar downstairs.

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