Boise Rescue Mission: ‘Crisis Is Past’ 

Boise Rescue Mission has averted financial disaster with the help of community donations.

Sarah Petschonek

Boise Rescue Mission has averted financial disaster with the help of community donations.

On Aug. 1, Boise Rescue Mission Ministries sent out a stark plea to the public.

"We're not crying wolf," wrote Mission CEO Rev. Bill Roscoe, adding the faith-based nonprofit was facing a deficit of more than $350,000.

Roscoe said the fiscal crisis started in the fall of 2015, when a subcontractor went bankrupt, leaving nearly 50,000 holiday-time appeal letters unmailed.

"Our direct contact didn't hear about it until it was too late," he said. "There was no way to recover that, and the deficit followed us through the year. That's our lifeblood. It's not as if we have a collection plate."

Roscoe said he was hesitant to go to a bank to secure a loan to help make ends meet. The Mission serves nearly 1,000 meals per day and provides shelter for nearly 400 men, women and children each night.

Less than two weeks after his first appeal, Roscoe sent another letter.

"The crisis is past," he wrote, telling Boise Weekly the "generous outpouring of support" had helped the Mission erase much of its red ink.

"This is the most generous community on the face of the earth," Roscoe said. "I cannot possibly express in words the sincere appreciation we have for the support that we have received these past 14 days."

As an example, Treasure Valley Chick-fil-A restaurants raised funds and donated 15 percent of a month's-worth of proceeds to the mission, for a total of $10,444.

"While 'thank you' seems inadequate, it's the best that I can say," said Roscoe, but cautioned the need for donations to keep services going is never-ending.

"We still have hundreds of people depending on us daily, so I hope that the generous folks of the valley will continue their generous support," he said, adding the mission doesn't accept local, state or federal funds and depends solely on community support.

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