Boise Rotary 2nd Annual Firkin Frolic 

Calling it a "frolic" might be kind of an understatement.

Firkin awesome.

Kelsey Hawes

Firkin awesome.

The Brits have bequeathed us many great words: barmy, chuffed, codswallop, rumpy pumpy. Add to that "firkin": "a unit of liquid volume equal to half a kilderkin (about 11 gallons or 41 liters)." Pour a firkin of beer into a firkin-sized cask and you have yourself a party. In this case, the Boise Rotary Club's Firkin Frolic.

Calling it a "frolic" (from the 16th century Dutch vrolijk, meaning "merry" or "cheerful") might be kind of an understatement. The Rotarians will be cracking open a slate of local beers conditioned in firkin casks, alongside other offerings from breweries including Barbarian Brewing, Boise Brewing, Mother Earth Brew Co., Powderhaus Brewing, Sawtooth Brewery and Woodland Empire Ale Craft.

Throw in some food vendors and musical entertainment at the Basque Block, and we'd upgrade that "frolic" to a bacchanal.

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