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Boise State Visual Arts Center Kicks Off 2018-19 Season with New Exhibitions

Lex Nelson Aug 30, 2018 11:54 AM
With the still-under-construction Center for Fine Arts towering over the parking lot just off of Capitol Boulevard, it's almost impossible to pass Boise State University these days and not think about the art to be found there. Luckily for gallery buffs, that selection is about to get bigger, with two new Visual Arts Center exhibitions opening Thursday, Aug. 30—Pulped Under Pressure and Swimming and Divingto kick off the center's 2018-19 season, and more to follow in the coming weeks.

Pulped Under Pressure is a traveling exhibition organized by Virginia Commonwealth University, which showcases 2- and 3-D work created from handmade paper and paper pulp by seven artists: Jillian Bruschera, Julia Goodman, Reni Gower, Trisha Oralie Martin, Melissa Potter, Marilyn Propp and Maggie Puckett. The pieces on display range from Propp's colorful prints of sea turtles to Bruschera's collection of paper pulp and found-object bricks, which can be arranged at the whim of each gallery they pass through.

Courtesy Boise State University Visual Arts Center
"Does an -ING Always Move" by Jillian Bruschera.
"I really like to see the whole range of what you can do with a particular material, in terms of craft," said Visual Arts Center Gallery Director Kirsten Furlong. "That's something that we talk to our students about a lot, just exploring a particular material."

Pulped Under Pressure will hang in the Visual Arts Center gallery located in Room 110 of the Hemingway Center through Thursday, Oct. 25.

Swimming and Diving, the brainchild of local artists Maria Chavez and Eli Craven, both Boise State graduates, takes an entirely different tack. Inspired by a set of dated American Red Cross safety manuals, Furlong said the exhibition questions "the kind of cultural information that's unsaid" in such texts, taking the form of both sculptural objects and a video that shows one of the sculptures floating in water.

Swimming and Diving will be on view in the Visual Arts Center's Liberal Arts Building gallery, in room 170, through Monday, Oct. 29, and Boise State will celebrate the two exhibitions' Aug. 30 opening with an event from 5-7 p.m. in both galleries. Attendees can admire the work and meet Chavez and Craven in person.

Courtesy Boise State University Visual Arts Center
"Breathing Properly" from Maria Chavez and Eli Craven's exhibition Swimming and Diving.
Just days later on Sunday, Sept. 2, Human Reflections by graphite surrealist Oliver Cotting will open in the Boise State Student Union Gallery. Cotting's pieces, which merge human and animal bodies in delicate linework, will hang through Sunday, Oct. 28, and visitors to the SUB can view them from 9 a.m.-9 p.m. daily.

Then on Thursday, Sept. 6, students in the Boise State MFA program will debut their exhibition AMASS for First Thursday, with an event in the Boise State Fine Arts Building Neri Gallery from 4:30-7 p.m. The work covers a host of materials and styles, and includes pieces by Jacob Banholzer, Caitlin Harris, Devin Kelly, Carl Orstad, Margaret Pope, Lisa Roggenbuck, Cassandra Schiffler, Heather Wright and Hao Zhang. It will be on display through Wednesday, Sept. 12. 

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