Boise Weekly Cover Art Auction Tonight 

Wednesday, Nov. 2

Whenever an art auction is portrayed on TV, pearled gray-hairs quietly fan themselves with golden paddles at Christie's or Sotheby's, extending their diamond-burdened wrists only long enough to bid a cool mil on Napoleon's underwear.

BW doesn't roll like that.

The Boise Weekly Cover Auction is a loud, raucous, booze-bathed affair with epic bidding wars that end in champagne jubilation or tequila heartbreak. So drink lots of water and give your liver a pep talk before this year's Cover Auction, which will go down on Wednesday, Nov. 2, at 6 p.m. sharp.

Two important things have changed this go-round. First: the location. The Cover Auction has moved to the Linen Building. Second: Trey McIntyre Project has officially partnered with the Cover Auction and will receive 20 percent net proceeds from the event for its community arts outreach efforts.

If you're all like, "Cover Auction, whaaa?" Here's a quick rundown: Boise Weekly commissions local artists to design our covers every week for the entire year. Then you get the chance to take the original artwork home to benefit the local arts community. Last year, we handed out $15,646 in Cover Auction grants, which went to organizations like WGP Productions (Hollis Welsh and Nick Garcia), Idaho Dance Theater, BOSCO, TMP, Boise Parks and Rec, Boise Contemporary Theater, Boise Bicycle Project and Searching for Quarztburg (Rachel Reichert, Eric Bower, Seth Ogilvie). We also distributed funds to individual artists, including Tomas Montano, Scott Michael and Ben Love.

So slide on your fake pearls and plastic bling and head down to the Boise Weekly Cover Auction and help us show those duds at Christie's how it's really done.

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