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This week has been full of adventures for Boise Weekly staff, and we've ranged all across the Treasure Valley (and beyond) to chase down some fresh stories just for you. But before I fill you in on that, I have to stop for some even bigger news: Best of Boise voting is officially open! From now through Monday, April 30, local—and, this time, national but Boise-stationed—businesses will vie for your votes for everything from Best Barber Shop to Best Chinese Food. To make your opinion count, click on the Best of Boise banner on the home page and cast your votes for spots (and people) you'd like to see showered with BW accolades.

Now, back to operation story seekers. Earlier this month, I made the trek out to Meridian to chat with Emily Knigge, the creator of the high-protein, whole-foods donut company Fit Donut for this week's feature story: "Have Your Cake and Get Fit, Too" (pages 6-7). The piece is a deep dive into the trend of fitness desserts from a local angle, and in it there are details on my taste test of Knigge's product, plus a spotlight on local high-protein ice cream producers Killer Whey! and a nutritionist's perspective on fitness desserts from St. Luke's Registered Dietitian Callie Miller.

Then, Senior Staff Writer Harrison Berry and I made a second trip to Meridian to test out two very different pizza joints, Varsity Pizza (formerly Blue Tiger), a classed-up old-school pizza parlor, and Coned, which serves up something far from the usual slice. We decided to channel our food frenzy into a duel of the pizza joints; you can read the two resulting stories on page 20.

News Editor George Prentice made by far the longest journey, stopping in Eagle to sit in on a Planning and Zoning Commission meeting and public hearing that ended with an unexpected concession to citizens on fracking and oil drilling restrictions (page 8-9). He also made a mental stop even farther afield at the Isle of Dogs, a fictional trash island off the coast of Japan. While not technically a real place, the Isle of Dogs is the setting for a new Wes Anderson film of the same name set to debut Friday, April 13, at The Flicks. Prentice gave it "two paws up"—find his review on page 19.

—Lex Nelson, Staff Writer

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