Boise Weekly's 2012 Election Coverage 

From the Big Bird flap to a big hug when it was all over, here's our reporting of Election Day 2012.

From Mitt Romney's 2011 fundraising trips to the February visits from Rick Santorum and Ron Paul to the record-breaking GOP caucuses on Super Tuesday to Clint Eastwood's trip to Sun Valley to a huge cash flow from Idaho to the Romney war chest ... the election season of 2012 was one for the history books.

And if the presidential race didn't excite you, there were always the shenanigans over at the Idaho Statehouse.

Here's a wrap of just some of Boise Weekly's Election Day coverage, resulting in the re-election of President Barack Obama, the rejection of the Luna Laws, the affirmation of the Republican grip on the Idaho Legislature and a lot of other nonsense.

Tuesday night's big winners include:

The guy in the Oval Office, Democratic U.S. Senators who picked up two more seats to add to their slim majority, Idaho Republican legislators who maintained a tight grip on the Statehouse, the Democratic slate of candidates in Idaho Legislative District No. 18 which swept out two incumbent Republicans, the Idaho teacher's union, Latinos (the fastest growing voting block in the nation) and NBC News, which went out on a limb long before the other broadcast networks in calling an Obama victory.

Tuesday's big losers include:

The guy with the great haircut and all those sons, Democratic U.S. House Representatives who still remain in minority, Butch Otter, Lori Otter and Tom Luna for using up so much political capital in promoting the Students Come First initiatives, Idaho Democratic legislators who remain a slim minority in the Statehouse, and Karl Rove and his buddies at Fox News who are still arguing that Ohio's electoral votes could still go to Mitt Romney.

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