Boise Weekly's 2013 Wood River Valley Guide 

Helping you escape to Sun Valley

A strange thing happens somewhere between the first leaves of spring and winter's first snows: Time actually speeds up, turning those "lazy" days of summer into a whirlwind of commitments and intentions. If you don't watch it, summer will slip away before you get the chance to get out of town and enjoy the season.

If it has just dawned on you that it's already August and you've somehow misplaced nearly three months, don't fear. Not only is there still plenty of time to get away, it doesn't have to be a major commitment.

Thankfully, the Wood River Valley is just a few hours drive from the Treasure Valley, offering a mountain escape from our work-a-day lives. As always, Boise Weekly is dedicated to helping readers get the most out of their all-too-brief vacation time by offering some of the best bets, locals tips and insider knowledge of the Wood River Valley.

In this, our fourth annual Wood River Valley Guide, we once again offer inspiration for getting out of town. If you're a literature lover, check out our guide for exploring the haunts of some of Sun Valley's most famous writers. If you're more into food, we offer some of the best options for dining with an eye (and tastebud) on local and seasonal ingredients.

While a summer escape is always fun, fall can be an amazing time to head to Central Idaho, not only for the weather and the slate of must-attend festivals, but because the shoulder season means there are some fantastic deals to be had.

Check out the calendar of events in the center of the section to help plan your trip. Most importantly, remember that it isn't too late to slow down the clock--at least for a little while.

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