Boise Weekly's 6th Annual Coldest Beer Contest 

If I hear the words "How do I get your job?" one more time, you're going to be wearing this beer, mister! And trust me, it's going to be cold. How cold? The coldest ... IN THE WORLD!

Bend your ear to this, brew fans (as well as anyone who'd like to get back at the country of England after the Guardian U.K. reported last month that we still have sex with animals and shoot Democrats in Idaho). A week ago, the U.K. branch of Budweiser claimed to have released the world's coldest draught beer. At -2.5˚ Celsius--27.5˚ Fahrenheit--the beer is, according to the British tabloid Metro, "the same temperature as an ice lolly." Any idea what that is? Me neither. But if they're writing about it in England, I'm sure it's not something you'd find within a mile of a dentist's office.

Anyhoo, for a follow-up to this story, let's get a response from the editor of some backwater paper in the murderous, sheep-humping Gem State: "Thppt!"

On Friday, June 23, a server at Donnie Mac's Trailer Park Cuisine in Boise poured a 26.6˚ Pabst Blue Ribbon and sold it for $2.25 to an undercover member of BW's temperature-testing army. Our man on the scene even measured twice, to make sure his thermometer wasn't on the fritz. Until we receive proof to the contrary, Boise is now home to the coldest beer ... in ... the ... WORLD! First the Revolutionary War, and now this. America, we're on a roll.

Now, before you amateur experts begin writing letters about how we shouldn't reward businesses for selling cold beer--yeah, we get it. At BW, we like "good beer," too, and normally we include in this issue a guide to what temperature range different beers should be served at, so as to prove we share your concern (it's still available online). But for now, let's forget all the Cold War and just relish our own nippiness. This, after all, is a matter of honor.

A final note on this year's contest: Because we tested more bars than ever before, we have included only one temperature per franchise, if there were mulitple branches in the same town. So, Bardenays in Eagle and Boise are both in, while Applebees, Flying Pie and Asiago's are single entries. Get it?

--Nicholas Collias

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