Boise Weekly's Bar and Restaurant Guide 2015 

Editors' Notes

A Few of Our Favorite Things

It is anybody's guess how many stellar recipes, compelling chefs and outstanding dishes lie hidden in the Treasure Valley. With 600,000 residents and counting in the Boise Metro Area, there is plenty of room for experimentation and the culinary community continues to grow more diverse.

For the fifth year in a row, Boise Weekly presents its guide to the bars and restaurants of the City of Trees and surrounds. This time around, however, we broadened our view of eats and drinks to include trends and innovators—highlighting a mix of 50 people, places and things that we think represent some of the most exciting and unique aspects of our cuisine scene.

Admittedly, it was a challenge to identify only 50—testament to the ever-growing sophistication of the local palate. Special thanks go to BW roving food writer Tara Morgan, who envisioned the top 50 and helped shepherd the format for this year's Bar and Restaurant Guide.

We hope this guide gives you something to chew on (so to speak) as you explore all that the Treasure Valley has to put on your plate.

—Zach Hagadone

Learning to Love the Listicle

There's certainly no lack of listicles in today's media landscape but in rare instances, the concept can work exceptionally well. For example, the recent Saveur 100 Cooks Edition. The magazine's January/February 2015 issue takes a look at 100 food and cooking trends—everything from how to salt-cure egg yolks to the addictive qualities of black crack, aka aged and fermented garlic. It's a fantastically engaging read, full of eye-catching photos and whimsical illustrations.

In the spirit of that issue, we bring you Boise Weekly's 2015 Bar and Restaurant Guide. It's a detailed look at 50 things we love about Boise's food and booze scene. From local classics like finger steaks and croquetas to more recent obsessions like kombucha, cured meats and small-batch coffee, these are our recommendations for how to eat and drink your way across the city. Peppered throughout the issue, we've also included some unique recipes—including instructions on how to make Spam from scratch—along with personal essays penned by local luminaries. We promise: It's so much more than a lame listicle.

—Tara Morgan

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