Boise Weekly's Fourth Annual B&W Photo Contest 

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A small but intrepid panel of judges went into a room with over 200 black and white photos. When they emerged hours later, the carnage was considerable and the wheat separated from the chaff. Truth be told, there wasn't much chaff, but some work had to rise to the top or we wouldn't have had a satisfactory conclusion to Boise Weekly's Fourth Annual B&W Photography Contest.

In each of the three categories of "people," "places" or "things," we, the judges, duked it out, sometimes in diametric opposition, to finally award those first, second and third prizes, not to mention culling an additional five entries for honorable mention. If words like "carnage" and "duked" denote contention, don't be anxious. We certainly weren't--anxious, that is. All I mean to say is that we had a lot of choices to make, a lot of material to choose from, and four judges with strong opinions and very different personal styles and backgrounds. It was intense, edifying and a great time. (Thanks to the Flipside Cafe for hosting our little war room.)

The "we" to which I refer would be this year's panel of four judges. BW's own art director Leila Ramella was a judge (besides running the show organizationally), and I was the other representative from our humble paper. Craig Clark of CC Photography right here in Boise was one of the contest's guest judges (as he has so graciously done for us with past contests). Our other guest judge was Paul L. Hosefros, a new friend to Boise Weekly and a 30-year veteran photojournalist for the New York Times.

If you're curious to see our picks, please--for the love of whatever you hold dear--check out the Boise Weekly B&W Photo Contest Reception on Monday, June 26, from 5 to 8 p.m. at Flipside Cafe (808 W. Fort St., 472-1462). The more the merrier.

Those who didn't win (no one is a loser in this contest, and a lot of worthy photos didn't get the recognition they also deserved) should come by the Boise Weekly offices over here at 6th and Broad streets to pick up your entry. (There are a few I'd love to take home but that wouldn't be kosher. Please come rescue your artwork before I get my clutches on it.). Winners can pick up their checks at the reception, or in the next few weeks the check will be in the mail.

OK, so entries were received, judging accomplished, cash prizes awarded and reception plugged. I think I've said my piece. See you at next year's contest.

--Sara Beitia, arts editor

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