Boise's Best Bad Dancer III 

Friday, Jan. 31

If your dancing looks less like raising the roof and more like a medical emergency, take heart: Your moment to shine is just around the corner at the third annual Boise's Best Bad Dancer competition. Continuing with tradition, Liquid Lounge will host the city's most uncoordinated movers and shakers. Past competitions produced classic moves such as the worm, sprinkler, shuffle and too many ill-advised rump shakes to mention. This year, contestants will need to dig deep and aim high--or low, as the case may be--in order to wow the discerning crowd and judges. After all, this is 2014, when the tried and true foot-kick/thumb-thrust combo just won't be enough to win.

Last year's winner, known only by the stage name Polish Prancer, walked off with a cool $100 in cash, plus tickets to various events. Even more, he earned the quiet assurance that he was most certainly Boise's best of the worst.

With more than $700 in cash and prizes at stake in this year's competition, a public display of questionable talents might well be worth it. Although a panel of judges will decide who is crowned Boise's next Best Bad Dancer, the coveted crowd favorite award remains open to anyone with the courage to claim it. Sign-ups for the limited number of competitor slots will begin at 6:30 p.m.

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