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With Boise landing spots on top 10 lists in everything from travel to food to financial publications, the pride so many of us feel for our growing little 'burb is understandable. When asked what makes Boise such a great place, I often say "the quality of life." It's an imprecise answer and my go-to only because the inquirer probably doesn't have the time it would take for me to extol the virtues of living here...which is the perfect segue to this reminder that nominations for the Boise Weekly Best of Boise 2018 poll are now open. Between now and March 28, you can visit to nominate your favorite people, places and things. The three most nominated in each category will then move on to the Best of Boise poll, which will be open April 11-25. We added a few categories this year and omitted a few as well, but the biggest change is that we opened up some of the categories to include non-local businesses. Boise's "it" factor is due in part to stores and restaurants that are so beloved in other cities choosing to set up shop here. For example, the clamor for a Trader Joe's could be heard all the way to Monrovia, California. For weeks after it opened, it was packed. Now, five years later, it usually still is. (We should probably start yelling for an IKEA.)

Here at Boise Weekly, we have long been proponents of buy/shop/support local. We still are. We just also recognize the importance of embracing everything good about Boise, even those things not born and raised here.

Speaking of homegrown greatness, Treefort Music Fest 2018 will spread its canopy across downtown Boise and beyond March 21-28. Throughout this edition of Boise Weekly, we look at a number of the forts and what they have to offer both attendees and the city of Boise. Hint: it's an amazing experience.

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