Book, Cheese and Beer Night at Rediscovered Books 

Saturday, April 19

Foodie historians, foodies and historical foodies rejoice--Rediscovered Books is hosting its second annual Book, Cheese and Beer Night with author Tami Parr. Parr's recently published book, Pacific Northwest Cheese: A History, highlights regionally relevant trials and tribulations of the humble curd--beginning with fur trappers and ending with modern-day cheese makers throughout Oregon, Washington and Idaho.

If you've never spent much time considering the cheese on your sandwich or pizza, now might be a good time to reflect. For example, did you know that the production of cheese predates recorded history? Or that the true origin of cheese is impossible to pinpoint, with possibilities ranging from the Middle East and Central Asia to Europe and the Sahara? How about the fact that some historians believe cheese was first produced as a byproduct of transporting milk in the bladders of dead ruminates? Velveeta, admittedly a distant cousin to cheese--twice removed--was originally marketed as a nutritious health food but has since been relabeled as a pasteurized recipe cheese product.

As lovers of manchego, gouda or even the lesser known and extremely difficult-to-find Vacherin Fribourgeois (a cheese sourced from cows fed nothing but wild flowers and alpine grass) will eagerly attest, few things in life rival a really great cheese. Unless you pair it with an equally great beverage, of course.

In full knowledge of such an obvious fact, Rediscovered Books has seen fit to provide the event with various cheesy selections along with hand-selected tasters of finely crafted beer supplied by Bittercreek Alehouse.

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