Booty in the Grass 

Who hasn't, at some point, driven through a subdivision during the daytime and thought, "It's so calm, so empty ... I could probably rob a few of these babies before anyone gets home from work." It's a fun fantasy, we'll admit, but Eric Young and Christopher Landell of Boise took it seriously. As for the delicate task of hiding their crime ... well, let's just say they took the fantasy part a little more seriously.

Young, 20, and Landell, 21, met Ada County Sheriff's deputies on the morning of November 2, after a concerned citizen called the Ada County Dispatch to report two men suspiciously unloading items out of a car into a grassy area behind the Indian Lakes Tennis Courts. Upon arriving, deputies discovered an estimated $7,000 to $10,000 worth of computer equipment, hiking gear, firearms and other household items sitting in a nearby field. At that point, we probably would have suspected the men were having a tea party with all their favorite toys, but the deputies were onto a slightly more sinister trail. That's why they're law officers, and we're ... not.

Upon finding Young hiding nearby in the grass, and Landell also in the area, officers arrested both men and charged them with burglary. Young was charged with possession of a firearm and resisting and obstructing. According to a Sheriff's office release, detectives were able to trace at least 80 percent of the stolen items as belonging to a single victim, but they are working to identify more victims. Further charges are also anticipated.

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