Brain Butter and PBR 

Thursday, Feb. 11

Color us thirsty.

Swell Artist Collective

Color us thirsty.

According to a study from the University of Illinois at Chicago, subjects with a blood alcohol content of .071-.082 perform fasterthan sober subjects on tests related to changes in visual scenes and word association. That's right: booze makes you more creative.

Put that theory to the test Thursday, Feb. 11 with Brain Butter and PBR at 10th Street Station—a coloring contest featuring the adult coloring book Brain Butter, illustrated by local artists Noble Hardesty and Kelly Knopp, of Boise-based Swell Artist Collective. For $20 you'll get a book and a Pabst, and a chance to win some schwag. The event is 21+ and, while some supplies will be provided, entrants are encouraged to bring their own. Just remember, that creativity boost maxes out at .08 BAC. Any higher and you'll have trouble staying inside the lines.

Kelly Knopp (@knopp_art) flipping through the adult coloring book he and @noble_hardesty crafted together. It's a doozy, check it out under 'Brain Butter' on our website, #relaxandcolor #Boise

Posted by Swell Artist Collective on Monday, December 21, 2015
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