Breadcrumbs Highlights The Travails Of Alzheimer's 

Thursday-Sunday Nov. 29-Dec. 2

Everybody knows the story of how Hansel and Gretel used breadcrumbs as markers to escape the witch living in the woods.

As the number of people suffering from Alzheimer's disease, dementia and similar illnesses grows, the experience of failing memory and reconstructing once-familiar paths is becoming more commonplace.

Enter Alida, a reclusive author working on her autobiography while suffering from Alzheimer's in Breadcrumbs, the stage play by Jennifer Haley opening at Alley Repertory Theater Thursday, Nov. 29.

Helping Alida is her caretaker, Beth, who is assisting in the task of piecing together a narrative from Alida's increasingly frayed memory and untangling Alida's complicated relationship with her mother.

Beth must fight to win Alida's trust against the tide of Alida's memory loss and mounting paranoia.

In the forest of Breadcrumbs' grave and somber themes--memory loss, paranoia and alienation--there are also moments of levity and suspense.

The play captures some of the tenderness of loving someone living with Alzheimer's, but it also explores memory, language and the fight to come to terms with one's past.

The play opens with a pay-what-you-can preview on Thursday, Nov. 29, and offers a second weekend of performances Thursday, Dec. 6-Saturday, Dec. 8.

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