Mystery Mail

Whether it's a magazine in a discreet black plastic sleeve or a Ziploc baggie full of cat hair from your stalker, mystery mail is dubious at best. But that's a reputation the Brico*Box from Bricolage is working to reverse.

The Brico*Box belongs to the family of unassuming and unmarked packages, but what's inside is both charming and cherishable. For $240 (monthly shipments) or $80 (one shipment per quarter), you or your friend/loved one receives a brown box graced only with a Bricolage packaging sticker. Inside is a handmade, hand-wrapped, limited-edition work of art by Idaho artists and makers and, maybe, a few extras--the March Brico*Box contained a decorative plate with a self-described "goofy little owl" hand-painted on it by Jaidyn Erickson. Also included was a wall mount for the plate, a postcard by designer-photographer Melanie Flitton-Folwell and an "It's A Boise Thing" magnet.

Bricolage: making mail fun again.

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