Bridge Club April 13, 2005 

Another Lesson in Balancing

Today's hand has lessons in defense and declarer play, with the biggest lesson to be had in the bidding. East's questionable decision to bid his four card majors instead of balancing with a double led him to the uncomfortable contract of two spades going down two on good defense. A bid of double after the diamond overcall is passed around to him is a takeout double that says to partner, "Bid something! I can support the unbid suits." With west's diamond holding, he should pass the double, and convert the double to penalty. Two diamonds doubled would go down at least one trick because the defense could keep declarer off the dummy and make him lead all suits from his hand, giving east-west a plus and a good score, instead of a minus.

The defense to two spades was admirable, because south took the king of clubs at trick two and led back his club four to the next trick. Then when he was in with the king of spades, he was able to give partner another diamond ruff and then trump a club with his last trump. Note that east could save a trick by leading his ace and then another spade, refusing the finesse. Thanks to Dave Jameson for recording this hand.

Doug Bullock's successful tournament in Ontario was also in partnership with Kendra Bridges, his partner in one of their pairs events wins.

You can experience the thrill of competition and learn new tricks at the Boise Bridge Club, where we play six times a week and give lessons at all levels. Call Craig Jones or Ian Martindale at 327-0166. See our ad in this paper.

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