Bridge Club April 20, 2005 

Lessons in card placing

This hand offers a lesson in play and a deeper lesson in card placing. Declarer's problem is to hold trump suit losers to one trick, so he must find the queen of spades or make the ace and queen win the same trick. When the spade jack is led from the dummy and east, who opened the bidding, follows low, declarer knows opener did not start with ace-queen alone. Since we want to place the ace with the opener, we have to consider that spades may be 2-2 with the honors split or else 3-1. If they are 2-2, the winning play is to play the king and on the next spade trick the ace and queen will fall together. If they are 3-1, the queen is alone in the west hand or the opener started with ace-queen-7, in which case he might play the ace. There are two cases in which playing the king will win and only one in which it fails, so most of the time, playing the king will win.

Last Friday, April 15, we recognized Earline Thomas for her service on the Unit Board of Directors at the same time that we held an upgraded club championship and held a rag party. We had to explain to some folks that rags represented our state after paying our taxes.

On Sunday, April 17, we journeyed to Idaho Falls to attend a party in honor of Lila Cochran, one of Idaho's best bridge players. Lila attained the rank of Diamond Life Master, having reached the milepost of 5,000 master points.

You can participate in the fun of competitive bridge at the Boise Bridge Club, where we play six times a week and offer lessons at all levels. Call Craig Jones or Ian Martindale at 327-0166.

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