Bridge Club August 10 

Slam on 24 points!

Last week we got to game because we made an overcall that showed a good suit with a fairly good hand. We bid today's hand to slam because we open 2 notrump with a weak hand and both minor suits. The only question for south was whether to bid a grand slam or not, and when the auction revealed that north held only one ace, the small slam was high enough. The other team did not come close to bidding slam and you can understand why they would not. The north hand probably would pass, and although the south hand is very powerful, it would take some imagination and good bidding to get to 6.

The play was not complicated. Declarer trumped the heart lead, played the ace and king of trumps, and conceded a trick to the queen of clubs. The other table played game in spades, and we had a slam swing. The sectional tournament was very well attended by players at all levels of experience, and there are several more winners to announce. Anne Burton and Barbara Boyd won the B flight open pairs Friday afternoon, and Heather Hempel and Gary Crupper took home the C flight honors. Saturday morning Jackie Lyon and Pearl Simon won flight B and Barbara Boyd was a repeat winner, this time winning flight C with Helen Vanderwyk. On Saturday afternoon Dorothy Fromm won flight B in partnership with Dave Jameson.

The tournament saw a revival of the Junior Knockout Teams event with eight teams entered, thanks primarily to the outstanding organizing efforts of Art Crawford. On Saturday, August 27, we will stage a tournament-rated Swiss Teams event at the Club. If you are interested in playing or in learning bridge, call us at 327-0166.

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