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Not a weak jump overcall

We played some interesting hands over the weekend at the sectional tournament and will discuss some of them in the next columns. Sunday's team game the south hand overcalled 2 hearts to show a better-than-average hand with 6 hearts, and ended up in game at 4 hearts. There are too many potential losers so declarer has to hope that at least one finesse works. He takes the ace of clubs on the board and leads the 10 of diamonds to try to capture the king, but that one doesn't work. East takes his king and leads another club. This now looks bad because his leads indicate a doubleton club and west leads another club that east may be able to score a trump trick on. Since declarer has a sure loser to the ace of spades, he hopes the play of the 9 of hearts is right-and it is! East is unable to overtrump. When he trumps a diamond on the dummy to lead hearts, the queen and 10 turn up doubleton. He gives up the spade trick scoring 10 tricks and the game.

The intermediate jump overcall shown in the bidding is a useful device to reach games that other players don't bid, as was the case with this hand. South had only 8 high card points and only 2 hearts, but knew her side had at least 8 hearts and close to game points. Many players use the jump overcall to show a weak hand with a string of hearts, but at team play you usually benefit more from informing your partner of strength rather than obstructing the opponents.

Congratulations to Kathy Dowen and Doug Bullock for their win in the Friday evening event, Joan Grimm and Lu Stratton for winning Saturday morning, and to Marilyn Nesbit of Ketchum and Craig Jones for winning the Saturday evening open pairs event.

Learn new tricks at the Boise Bridge Club, where we play six games a week and give lessons at all levels. Call Craig Jones or Ian Martindale at 327-0166.

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