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An unbalanced hand

This unbalanced hand carries a couple of lessons. After south tamely passes his weak hand, the west player should bid the higher-ranking of the major suits: spades, even though it is not as strong as the heart suit. If he opens hearts and east plays the spade slam, there is a good chance that south will start the defense with a heart lead and earn his side a good board. That happened once out of nine times this hand was played.

North should interfere with the east-west auction by showing his length in the minor suits, and in fact the top north-south score was minus 800 for 7 clubs doubled, down 4. He was a little lucky the opponents did not bid 7 spades. All the other times the hand was played, it was in 6 spades making 7 for 1010 points. The lesson for north-south would be to interfere to the maximum as soon as you can.

If you look closely at the defense to 7 clubs, you should be able to set it more than 4 by keeping declarer off the board so he can not make the winning play in diamonds. To do this, you have to duck one round of clubs so the 10 will not be an entry. If north leads diamonds to try to trump, you can now lead ace-king and another club to prevent ruffs, and now you will collect a spade, 2 clubs and 2 diamonds for plus 1100 and a top score!

We wonder how east-west would get to their slam if south were to open that collection of garbage with a 3 heart preempt.

You can participate in the tournament at the AmeriTel Spectrum Hotel this weekend by calling Gary Crupper at 345-7910. There will be events for all levels of experience from novice to senior.

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