Bridge Club June 29 

Count tricks, make your contract

This interesting hand from club play gives us another lesson in our "count your tricks" theme. If your contract is at the six level, you need 12 tricks. The club suit is good for 6 of them as the cards lie, and the diamond and spade honors will count for 4 more, leaving you 2 tricks short. What is the guaranteed, no finesse-no-risk way to score 2 more tricks? These hints direct you to the heart suit: lead the king, throwing a diamond from your hand. If that loses to the ace of hearts, which will happen as the cards lie, you can then return to dummy to lead the queen of hearts, getting rid of the other diamond loser and bringing your total to 12 tricks. No finesses, no risk, contract made!

When we played the hand, we arrived at the contract of six clubs which nobody else in the game found. The lesson in defense was that south avoided leading the ace of hearts, holding us to 12 tricks. If he had led it, as some players might have done, it would have been ruffed out and declarer would have made seven.

The local bridge unit will hold a tournament July 22 to 24 at the AmeriTel Spectrum Hotel. If you feel brave and want to get into competition, or just want to enjoy playing the game with a bunch of friendly people, call partnerships chairman Anna Holley, 384-0468, or junior knock-out teams chairman Art Crawford, 939-3354. There will be events for all players.

Join in the fun and learn the world's best card game at the Boise Bridge Club, where we play six games a week and give lessons at all levels. Call Craig Jones or Ian Martindale at 327-0166.

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