Bucket of Doom 

We've all been awake at 3 a.m. worrying about some disaster we're convinced will befall us at any moment. Maybe the weird mole you just noticed on your neck is going to kill you. The sound your car made on the drive home is probably going to cost at least $2,000 to diagnose and fix. Your parents are disappointed in you and will make their feelings known at the next family gathering.

Worst-case scenarios don't have to cause anxiety. They can be fun. Card game Bucket of Doom, from British-based Big Potato, invites those with a suitably morbid sense of humor to imagine horrific situations like, "Oh great, you wake up and you're the back-end of a human centipede," and draw on objects like a tin of spinach, diet pills or ET's finger to invent a solution. Fellow players vote on the best combination and explanation of why it would work. (It should go without saying that these stories get raunchy real quick, so don't play the game with your kids.)

Who knows? Maybe solving fake crises will inspire a solution to your seemingly intractable real-life problems.


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