Saucy burgers on wheels

You won't be singing the blues after scarfing down the bleu cheese and bacon burger at Burgerlicious.

Leila Ramella-Rader

You won't be singing the blues after scarfing down the bleu cheese and bacon burger at Burgerlicious.

When the Burgerlicious food truck debuted in September 2012, co-owner Ingrid Bolen told Boise Weekly that the goal of the truck was to fill a niche in Boise. Though we would argue that Boise's burger market isn't a niche--or, if it is, it's one of the biggest niches around--we also can't deny that there are few foods more tasty than a hearty burger. But with so many options, how is a burger supposed to stand apart?

For Burgerlicious, the answer is a two-parter. Act one is the beef. Burgerlicious sources its meat from K4D Family Farms in Weiser and Meats Royale in Boise. The quarter pound beef patty is juicy enough to erode the bun by burger's end.

But the big close is the dressing. Burgerlicious' menu features several housemade sauces: Ingrid's Idaho Fry Sauce, Bacon Bleu Cheese Sauce, Creamy Fire Sauce or Zingy Horseradish Sauce. The fry sauce is essentially the same as all fry sauces, but the other three are all a treat. The bleu cheese sauce that came on the Blues Burger ($5.75) is thick with chunks of cheese and paired with bacon for a perfect blend of smoky and sour notes. The fire sauce actually lives up to its name, bringing the heat and chili flavor of sriracha, but with a creamy base that isn't just mayonnaise and hot sauce. The zingy sauce is a thick horseradish cream sauce with flecks of black pepper and that wonderful nasal sting that, in the words of John Cougar Mellencamp, "hurts so good."

Which sauce you choose is really a matter of personal taste, but paired with tomato, lightly grilled onions and chopped lettuce, all but the fry sauce are good complements to the beef.

The sauces also pair well with the fries ($2)--in fact, they're almost necessary, as the fries are overly starchy. It may be part of the formula that fries go with burgers, but considering Burgerlicious' willingness to go the extra mile with the patties and sauces, it's too bad they didn't give the same care to the potatoes.

In the end, Burgerlicious is another option in a town with more than a few burger joints. But sometimes you get an itch that must be scratched, and with its locally sourced beef and house sauces, you could do a whole lot worse than Burgerlicious.

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