Bustin' Out Buster's 

Now that Hooters has established itself in Boise, Buster's seems like the pubescent--and therefore slightly more twisted and wrong--little sister of the busty babes burger joint. But for years, the Bronco-themed bar and restaurant has been a Boise favorite and a rite of passage for girls in the biz, my little sister included (and oh, the stories I could tell you about costume days).

I ducked in expecting to find mayhem during one of the first football Mondays of the season, but instead, found it relatively quiet and easygoing. The first-timer and I bellied up, ordered Guinness and a chili bomb and commenced our evaluation. He, surprisingly, was on the verge of being appalled by the uniforms (and was even more appalled to learn that I used to borrow my sister's signature Buster's black skirt for work in another downtown bar). For me, something about Buster's on Broadway has always reminded me of church--it's rooted deeply in my conflicted Lutheran-Catholic childhood, I'm sure. And I've always had an unexplained tendency to view the bartenders as protective pimps, but in all my visits (and there have been plenty), I've never met a keeper who wasn't cordial as they come, and this last time was no exception.

With a long-standing reputation in Boise, Buster's has plenty of loyal fans. It's is all about legs and TVs, sports and drinking buddies. But with so much to gawk at, from girls to specials to TVs, the thing that piqued my interest was a poster reading: "Join us for BSU Football for $4.50 Ste. Chapelle Riesling or soft red." Wine and football, whoda thunk?

1326 Broadway Ave., 345-5688

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