Buzzbox Premium Cocktails 

When you've been a good grownup

Adulting is often unreasonably difficult, so it can feel good to treat yourself like a kid again—albeit with a 21-and-older twist.

Buzzbox Premium Cocktails are packaged like juice boxes, complete with bendy straws, but contain 12 to 14 percent alcohol (200 milliliters each)and come in come in eight pre-mixed boozy varieties: Perfect Margarita, Classic Greyhound, Long Island, Classic Cosmo, Cuban Mojito, Bloody Mary, Extreme Coconut and Whiskey Lemonade. According to the company website, the cocktails are made with premium spirits and fresh juices, and they are "specially packaged in a recyclable, green and energy efficient design" that, despite the no-preservatives rule, "can be easily stored unrefrigerated for up to 18 months, making it easy and convenient for consumers and retailers."

Although Buzzbox Premium Cocktails were ostensibly created by the company founder/CEO Rod Vandenbos as a way to cut down on long lines at concession stands and still serve high-quality drinks, they also make a great take-home treat, when all you want to do is put your feet up and get your Buzz(box) on.

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