BW Celebrates the Release of Bar Guide with a White Party 

Friday, April 29 at The Balcony

White couches and white winter coats are signs of luxury. Their crisp, unsoiled exteriors are testaments to the owner's Cheeto-less, bourgeois lifestyle. The white-fabric way of life doesn't include things like red wine, dirt-bike races, finger painting, black cats or chili cheese dogs. But if you can't commit to the classiness of white cloth 365, try it out for one debaucherous night at the Balcony.

On Friday, April 29, Boise Weekly will celebrate the release of our third annual Bar Bar Guide at Balcony's annual White Party. And you know what goes perfectly with a white party packed with decked-out drink-sloshers? Clear booze. Which is why 44 North Vodka's non-staining Magic Valley Wheat, Rainier Cherry and Mountain Huckleberry varieties will be on hand.

Also, be sure to check out video projections of Boise's top bartenders--Dave Stanciu from Pengilly's, Mark Allen from Red Feather Lounge, Guy Midnight from Parrilla, Michael Bowers from the Modern Hotel, Cera Grindstaff from the Front Door and Jacob Detweiler of Happy Fish--making cocktails they invented specifically for Boise Weekly's bar guide.

So find yourself a white sportcoat, a good, non-staining spray tanner and a tasteful gold cross to rest in your bronzed chest hair and head over to Balcony for the White Party.

[ Video is no longer available. ]
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