BW Readers, rise up to avenge your leader! 

It's time to wrangle up a posse--the Copester's ride has been copped. That's right, BW columnist Bill Cope, recently voted by our readers as the greatest living Idaho writer, is now also one of our most esteemed riders after his truck was stolen from in front of his home in Meridian on the night of October 14. What manner of neocon scoundrel would dream of so disrespecting our longest-tenured (to say nothing of longest-winded) employee, you ask? In Cope's words, "Kids."

The pilfered pickup is a brown 1990 Ford Ranger extended cab, with "Defeat Bush" and "Kerry-Edwards" stickers on the back. Other distinguishing marks include the aroma of cigarettes in the cab and what Cope describes as "its share of lawn detritus" in the bed. "I like to clean it out by driving it down the freeway at 65 mph," he explains. Now, alas, someone else is making his or her own personal ticker-tape parade. Cope adds that, should someone locate his progressive buggy, he'll even look up the Kelly Blue Book value and give the responsible tipster 10 percent of the truck's value. That should be good for a pizza and at least 12 of your favorite mid-level microbrews. Keep your eyes peeled, readers.

Coming next week: the strange case of BW writer Ryan Peck's missing bicycle.

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