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BW Video: Picking Out the Right Bike Helmet With Boise Gear Collective

Harrison Berry Jul 5, 2018 14:43 PM
Some Boiseans ride their bikes in fair weather and foul, but for most people, mid-summer is when they get around to hauling their rides out of the garage. While tackling rusty chains and stretched brake cables, though, some riders may not realize one other piece of bike equipment has quietly, invisibly stopped working the way it should: their helmets.

The helmet is by far the most important bike accessory, keeping riders' noggins safe. Over time, however, the foam lining a helmet decays and no longer offers the protection it once did. When the happens, it's time for some new headgear.

In this BW Video, Staff Writer Lex Nelson talks with Trevor Thornton, the store manager at Boise Gear Collective, about finding the right new helmet to ride safe this summer.