BW's Treefort 2019 Playlist: Storyfort Goes Epic 

click to enlarge Erin Nelson of Wild Spells talked about the perils of a budding best-friendship at Storyfort.

Harrison Berry

Erin Nelson of Wild Spells talked about the perils of a budding best-friendship at Storyfort.

Erin Nelson performs with Boise-based band Wild Spells. Sarah Gardner went on tour performing Shakespeare for high school students across Idaho. DJ Tim Johnstone was behind the scenes at The Record Exchange when the Smashing Pumpkins performed there in 2000. At a Storyfort event on March 20 at 10th Street Station, they all shared their stories about the sometimes-qualified disasters that come with being on or even near a stage.

"I think we were the saddest people that ever attended a DragonForce show," Nelson said.

In her three-part story, Nelson talked about the perils of a budding best-friendship that included getting dumped, sitting on sunglasses, showing up "hangry" to the aforementioned DragonForce concert, and her best friend losing consciousness at an Iron & Wine concert. Nelson was one of six storytellers at Storyfort's "That was Epic—Stories of Failure, Folly, Fandom & Fame.

Another speaker, Gardner, described performing in Othello: In a crucial scene, where Othello strangles his wife, Desdemona (played by Gardner), a high school student called out from the audience, "Choke that bitch!"

Larry Rosen, a longtime music reporter, said he set out to "revolutionize rock and roll journalism," his ambition thwarted by sometimes-surreal run-ins with the Page Hamilton of alt-metal band Helmet.

The evening closed with Johnstone's oft-told story about the Smashing Pumpkins' disastrous in-store concert at The Record Exchange, which entailed enlisting the Boise State Broncos football team to move its massive music racks and installing a privacy curtain between the band's green room and the restroom ("[Frontman] Billy [Corgan] doesn't want to be seen because nobody poops," said Johnstone.

In the end, the Pumpkins played seven songs, and Corgan signed all the autographs, but the event had soured all involved against the band.

"At the end of the night, it wasn't worth it," Johnstone said. "But it was cool."
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