Cactus Closing - Casanova Pie 

The Cactus Runs Dry

With the Cactus Bar's recent closing, rumors have been bouncing off the bar's darkened windows claiming everything from the bar's sale to its hostile take over by absinthe-crazed aliens. Clearly some digging in to the matter is necessary when a downtown institution closes without warning or explanation.

Unable to obtain comment from owner Doug Williams, Boise Weekly had a brief conversation with the Idaho State Police Alcohol Beverage Control Bureau, which confirmed at least one of the circulating rumors: that the Cactus Bar's alcohol license had been suspended for serving kiddies. According to the ABC Bureau, the Cactus Bar's liquor license has been suspended for not only serving minors, but for overserving patrons. The suspension, which was effective January 29, will keep the taps running dry and the bar stools empty until February 28.

Apparently the threat of a fine in the thousands of dollars and the possibility of having your bar shut down, being sued or finding yourself terminated isn't threat enough for errant bar staff who neglect to check IDs or serve minor friends. However, scolding to the bar staff aside, we offer a word to the minors who have ruined everyone's fun at the Cactus: Keep your underage ass out driving in circles around the strip. Bar staff can't afford the fine your presence slaps them with and those of us who are of age are deprived of a favorite weekend haunt.

Casanova Makes Sweet Pizza Love

An interoffice arm wrestling tournament recently took place over the last slice of Casanova Pizzeria's olive oil, gorgonzola, pineapple and fig Medusa. While Arts Editor Sara Beitia was officiating the match between Music Editor Amy Atkins and Entertainment Editor Rachael Daigle, one very sneaky Nicholas Collias set aside his task of scribing True Crime long enough to cunningly slide the slice out of its box and into his mouth long before any of his coworkers noticed. And apparently, we're not the only ones who have noticed Casanova's. E-mails have been trickling in from readers singing the praises of the Juno (tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, prosciutto and fresh arugula), the house's favorite Clam Bacon (olive oil, fresh mozzarella, clams and bacon) and the selection of sandwiches. The pizzas are made with hand-stretched dough and cooked in a wood-fired brick Big Apple-style (or—more appropriately—as a pizzeria in Naples, Italy, would put together a pie) and come with any variety of toppings from clams and eggplant to scallops and basil. And as any reputable Italian-style eatery would do, Casanova's sells both San Pellegrino and Lavazza coffee.

Casanova's Pizzeria, 1204 S. Vista Ave., 331-3535, Monday-Saturday: 11:30 a.m.-2 p.m. and 5-9 p.m.

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