Caldwell Offers Pedal-Up Service 

Across the country, cyclists are often treated like second-class citizens. They get honked at and splashed. They aren't allowed go through the drive-thru at Jack in the Box--heck, they don't have an antenna for a Jack reindeer ball. Sometimes, the situation seems it couldn't get much bleaker. And then we hear about towns like Caldwell, where cyclists are held in such high favor, people are simply handing money out to them.

The gifting occurred last Thursday, when a white man in dirty jeans, black sweatshirt and an orange and black beanie hat rolled up to the U.S. Bank downtown Caldwell. Sgt. Richard Ferrera told the Idaho Press-Tribune the man walked in and--through his dirty blond moustache and rampant stubble--told a teller to give him money, and no one would get hurt. He did not show a weapon.

Faced with such a sterling figure, the teller and other employees stayed calm, met the man's demands, and he rolled away. The whole gig went down easier than learning to ride training wheels, but according to Ferrera, that's just fine.

"The tellers there did an excellent job, especially the one who handled this situation," he said. "They did exactly what they were supposed to." Anyone with information is urged to call Caldwell Police at 454-7531.

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