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Calling All Shutter Studs and Darkroom Dolls

The deadline for IDAHO magazine's cover photo contest is approaching faster than you can say aperture. This annual contest is an opportunity for local photographers to showcase their favorite snapshots from around the state.

Entries can be submitted in black and white or color and are required to have at least one person somewhere in the photo. Trolling through the archives of winners past, it seems like expansive landscape portraits, cowboy hats and sunsets reliably bring tears to the judges' eyes.

The competition is separated into two categories, adult and youth (under 18), and costs from $5 to $10 per submission. The winner of each category will receive $100 cash and the prestigious honor of having their gleaming glossy on magazine racks statewide.

Deadline for submission is July 31. Call Kitty Fleischman at 208-336-0653 or visit for more information.

Toying Around

A new charity in town is appealing to the devious, Barbie-head-removing kid in all of us. The Mend Project is a local nonprofit that's "dedicated to the donation of craft." In May, Mend founders Rachel Reichert and Michelle Keller created 30 brightly colored, whimsical toys in conjunction with the First Thursday Modern Art Event. After the exhibit, the toys were then donated to the Women's and Children's Alliance.

For the second round, now called the Altered Toy Project, Mend is looking to go big or go home. They've put out a call to artists to create 100 new toys out of their cast-aside, used counterparts. Possibilities range from sewing two teddy bear halves together to the creepier, Toy Story-esque babydoll-head-and-mechanical-spider-legs combo.

Since the submission deadline isn't until Sept. 19, there's still plenty of time to experiment with attaching tiny T-Rex arms to a plush thrift store GlowWorm. All completed toys will either be donated to the Children's Home or auctioned off at a Mend fund-raiser show in November.

Submission deadline is Sept. 19. For more information, contact Michelle Keller at or visit

How to Approach a Roach

Catherine Chalmers' new exhibit opening July 12 at the Boise Art Museum questions the modern distinctions we draw between pet and pest. Through photographs, sculpture and video, Chalmers explores the short and brutish lives of those shiny brown scuttlers we call cockroaches.

In her "American Cockroach" exhibit, Chalmers depicts imaginary scenes of cockroach camaraderie both from a human and an insect's perspective. In the photo Drinking, a group of roaches bathe in a miniature bathtub replete with tiny rubber duckies and bath salts. With this exhibit, Chalmers hopes to draw attention to our seemingly innocuous everyday interactions with the insect world.

Another exhibit that opened recently at BAM is Frederic Remington's "Adventures and Artistic Impressions." Remington was an early 20th century illustrator famous for his numerous magazine depictions of the Wild West. His work is on display through Aug. 23.

For those of you who need an excuse to don leather chaps and spurs, BAM will have an opening party on Wednesday, July 16, for these two exhibits cleverly titled "Cockroaches and Cowboys." The party features live music, a no-host bar and complimentary hors d'oeuvres. Um, you know, if eating crunchy treats under giant, looming cockroaches is your thing.

670 Julia Davis Drive, 208-345-8330. For more information on these upcoming events, visit

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