Campos Market: Carne Asada Ranchera Preparada 

Barbecue season is upon us--although you may have to move the grill under the carport or an awning if this rain keeps up. It's a safe bet that you will be standing in front of a meat counter at some point this summer, trying to decide how best to feed a hungry horde.

Instead of chicken legs, hotdogs or costly cuts of steak, stop into Campos Market on Orchard Avenue and make the short trip to the meat counter near the back of the store. If you're a little unsure of what to try first, order a few pounds of Campos' house-prepared carne asada ranchera preparada for the grill.

Thin-sliced steak is marinated in a simple but rich combination of tomato sauce, garlic and onions. At $4.89 per pound, it's not the cheapest cut of cow out there, but it slices up nicely. Toss a few chunks in the bottom of a warm tortilla, doused with a glug of your favorite hot-sauce--which you can also find, you guessed it, at Campos--and your friends may dub you the Barbecue Queen/King.

If you can't wait until dinner to sink your teeth into some marinated beef, head over to Campos at lunch time for a few authentic taqueria tacos. You can pick up the carne asada ranchera preparada para llevar on the way out.

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