Candy Cities 

As I was working in the garden yesterday contemplating Steven Corbert's satirical address at the White House Press Correspondent's dinner—in which "W" was sitting not more than 15 feet away on stage—I recalled something he said. He was saying hello to politically notorious people in the audience including Mayor Nagin from New Orleans who is now famous for dubbing his town the "Chocolate City." Corbert then added that Washington D.C. was like a chocolate city, but with a marshmallow center. But Nagin wasn't "fresh." The band Parliament--with musical notaries of George Clinton, Bernie Worrell, Bootsy Collins and Eddie Hazel--made an album in 1975 themed around Washington D.C. they called "Chocolate City."

So I began to think. If New Orleans is the new chocolate city, what would Boise be... the white chocolate city? And would that make Meridian the white chocolate city with nuts? Eagle could be the gourmet white chocolate city. Wheras Nampa and Caldwell would be more of a caramel filled white chocolate. I still don't know which one would have nuts but I believe the farther west one goes the more nutty it becomes. Sun Valley, on the other hand, would be more of a carob, because it's not really a chocolate, it just pretends to be like one. These are things I do in my garden now that I don't maintain office hours.

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