Idaho's Wolf Hunt 

A photo essay on Idaho wolves

Put aside the lawsuits, the protests and the acrimony surrounding wolves and one thing remains: a wild animal.

But that animal is also ensnared in a fierce political and emotional debate. From ranchers and hunters to scientists and conservationists, convictions run deep when it comes to wolves.

Boise Weekly has decided to allow several opposing viewpoints to speak for themselves. We invited three individuals to share their photographs, as well as a short statement laying out their views on wolves.

Robert Millage is a North Central Idaho resident who recorded the first wolf taken during the state's inaugural wolf hunt this fall. Since then, he has become the face of wolf hunting and the target of both praise and scorn. Carter Niemeyer retired from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service as the wolf recovery coordinator for Idaho. He now works as a seasonal biologist for the Idaho Fish and Game Department, continuing his work with the species. Finally, David Marr is a professional photographer who has raised wolves for years and has published a book about his life with the species.

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