Caravan of GLAM 

Continues through Friday, May 9

Hankering for a bit of burlesque? Or is straight-up burlesque not quite risque enough--too old-school, too passé? Then try the Caravan of GLAM, a gender-bending, LGBTQ community-building, "traveling queer cabaret-style show" performing live at downtown Boise's Balcony Club for two nights only.

Caravan of GLAM is Portland, Ore.'s relatively new performance troupe (formed in 2013), which found itself with a burning desire to provide "LGBTQ community events in smaller cities around Oregon," said founder Justin Buckles. Debuting to sell-out crowds, the group quickly expanded to cities throughout the Pacific Northwest, and currently has its sights set on the admittedly less-than-edgy Midwest.

However, it's probably fair to say this is not your father's burlesque, since GLAM offers performances ranging from the somewhat expected to the extraordinary--drag gymnastics anyone? Co-producer Ecstasy Inferno, known as "Portland's Hood Rat Ghetto Queen," will host the event, adding in live singing for good measure, while fellow Drag Queen Artemis Chase plies the crowd with her own brand of humor. Boise's very own Vivica Valentino will add a dash of local flavor.

Isaiah Esquire, known for his staggering height--over seven feet in heels--will perform gender bending acts that are (more than) likely to amaze. And if that's not enough, Jayla Rose Sullivan, dubbed the group's "acrobatic queen," will execute gymnastic feats, including back flips and aerials--all while sporting seven-inch heels. That's right, seven-inch heels. And back flips. Who knew the two could mix?

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