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You Buy, They'll Fly

After a long and late night of bar hopping in Manhattan last year, I woke up the next morning feeling slightly less than chipper. Sitting around in my pajamas and feeling like I'd slept under a bridge on a pile of rocks, I looked out on the snowy streets and mused out loud how cool it would be if only there were a coffee delivery service. (My host's shoebox-sized apartment had no kitchen and no coffee machine.) My friend piped right up and said, "This is Manhattan. They deliver everything here. You want coffee? Let me find my phone."

I've since repeated that wish in Boise, although it has yet to reach fruition. Today, however, I'm one step closer with the advent of the Carry-Out Cab. Proclaiming "one call does it all," the Carry-Out Cab offers a simple list of instructions. First pick a restaurant and what food you want from that chosen establishment. Second, call Carry-Out Cab and place your order. Finally, sit back, relax and wait. (I wonder if I could just have a standing order for a small, double shot Americano from Flying M delivered to my bedroom door every weekday at 8 a.m.?)

Paul is your man. Ring him at 208-722-4144.

Here a Tweak, There a Tweak

Evolution is the nature of business and even the restaurants we love and don't want to change have to make a tweak, tweak.

Ramping up for its summer patio business, the Basque Block's upscale eatery and bar Leku Ona has a new and expanded menu for what it hopes will be your dining pleasure. If you don't mind a heavy lunch, "the good place" offers a family style luncheon that's done the way Basque should be done—with lots of food to pass around and share. With a minimum of two diners, it's soup or salad, paella and battered fish, solomo or round steak with bread and a drink.

Lulu's Pizza on Bogus Basin Road has a new addition—a mixer. Yep, as in the appliance. Owner Gill Hellmund says that Lulu's has recently ditched the frozen dough it was importing from New York City (were this a salsa commercial, a mention of NYC would be disastrous for product image, but for a pizza joint, it's fairly respectable). So rather than pre-made, packaged and frozen, Lulu's is going fresh and homemade. What's the diff? Hellmund says that instead of having just pretty good pizza as they always have, Lulu's pizza can officially be classified by a slang phrase reserved for only the most venerated of objects and will be henceforth known as "effing awesome." OK, he didn't say exactly that, but something very similar. New pizzas also make the menu, as does a new beer (the hop-lover's liquid dream, Terminal Gravity IPA).

Leku Ona, 117 S. Sixth St., 208-345-6665. Lulu's Pizza, 2594 N. Bogus Basin Rd., 208-387-4992,

This Week's Wine and Dine

Take a tour of Napa Valley from the Co-op Wine Shop. A couple of the shop's people recently did a little jaunt through California's famed wine valley, and they've brought back a few bottles they thought you, the greater population of Boise's wine lovers, might take a fancy to. Word is that this will be a good chance to check out some older vintage Sonoma and Napa cabernets. Chef Richard Langston of Cafe Vicino will whip up some flight-specific nibbles to stave off the hunger while you sip.

Sun., March 30, 3 p.m., $30 per person. Co-op Wine Shop, 915 N. Eighth St. 208-472-4519, Reservations are required.

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