CBD Powder at Flying M Coffeehouse 


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Xavier Ward

Some hail CBD, the non-psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, as a miracle cure-all, while others herald it as the flashiest, newest snake oil on the market. There is not much empirical scientific research on CBD, so the true answer could fall anywhere in between the two extremes. Irrespective of its true potency, CBD has become a major market trend. According to a USA Today report, roughly one in seven Americans use CBD products. Its popularity is partially due to the legalization of hemp, from which CBD can be derived. Hemp was legalized in 2018 with the federal Farm Bill, which opened doors for producers that could previously sell their products only in states where hemp or marijuana is legal. While hemp is still illegal in Idaho because of small traces of THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, CBD products can be sold. Flying M Coffee house is now offering CBD-infused drinks. The drinks either come with 10 milligrams for $2.50 extra, or 20 milligrams for $4.50 extra.

$2.50-$4.50, flyingmcoffee.com


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